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  • Alana H

Are We Missing Out On More?

I find this a really interesting aspect of our human ‘observing’ of the world around us…. There’s nothing wrong/right with it. I just thought it a reflection worth sharing…

When we’re watching a film or a TV show, we’re practicing self deception on a double level. Not only are we aware that we’re ‘watching a story that has been created for our benefit’ (which of course is absolutely fine) BUT we are ignoring the REAL story that is going on in the background: the presence of trees or plants or birds or other creatures who are just being ‘themselves’ and who probably aren’t aware that they’re being featured as part of someone else’s creation.


* A NOTE... This blog is to keep examining - in even greater detail - aspects of the factually proven presentations already offered in this Handbook.

As we keep going into more detail - expanding on the planetary structure that literally holds us all, as featured in the Handbook - it may appear that some of these blog posts are more written as though they've popped up out of a 'self help manual' rather than being written in relation to a Handbook focusing on planetary welfare and the practical, expert awareness of how our planet is structured to thrive, as a whole.

So, to get ahead of any potential misassumptions, I am offering this little pre-emptive note...

Our relationship with our whole planet and our treatment of ourselves and all other creatures (our planet as a whole) acts as a foundation for ALL of our human actions AND then of course the impact that we have.

Right now, as a human 'global' society (what most of us humans have in common as a global 'attitude', no matter where we're located in the planet) we are 'lost in the woods, unable to see the wood for the trees' so to speak, and we are so unaware of of the bigger picture (how our planet actually works) that we are holding ourselves and a lot of other creatures back from experiencing an 'optimally thriving planet'.

It's all about how we live, 'who' we sustain ourselves on and how we serve one another to thrive. (Ie. All of the corporate or even non profit organisations that we run or work for are all just really about 'serving' one another to thrive in particular ways - whether we're selling one another a lipstick, a lottery ticket or offering a cleaning service or compassion fatigue sessions - and ALL need to be in alignment with the 'bigger picture'...

We can’t 'save the bees' or 'save the polar bears' or put an end to human homelessness until we’re aware of and living in accordance with the bigger picture of how our planet is actually structured and how it keeps itself ticking over.

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